About Leah

Leah Guy is a Producer and TV Personality. Leah’s passion for holistic, inspired living gives her an approach to media unique in the marketplace.In 2006 she created A Girl Named Guy Productions to serve the growing demand for lifestyle content and hasn’t slept since. AGNG produces a variety of products from television programming to websites and events. AGNG Productions is the parent company to popular offerings such as ModernSage and Who’s On Deck TV Show.

Her training for television in hosting, improv and voice includes Tepper Gallegos, L.A. and The Groundlings, L.A., & Jack Horton Vocal training, as well as private instruction. She has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 2001. Leah is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a degree in Communication, and a graduate of Alive & Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork, San Anselmo, CA with a  Certification of Massage Therapy (CMT). She furthered her education of healing at the School of Enlightenment and Healing, San Diego, CA. Leah’s gift for empowering people to live their best life has led her to become a sought after speaker and teacher of holistic living & higher thinking.  More about AGNG

What People Say About Leah

“I’ve spent over 35 years behind a camera on film and TV shows here in CA and it’s rare to see someone this relaxed as a host on camera. Great job Leah. You remind me of someone we lost recently to cancer. His name was Huell Howser and he was the host of his own show called “California Gold” on PBS. Like you he could get the person to open up and talk, and making it fun to watch. Looking forward to more of your shows.”
Michael E. Little, Cameraman; Just Shoot Me, Yes Dear, Bones, Hollywood California

“LOVED this segment…you have a natural feel that’s perfect for the show concept. Kind of like the “Rachel Ray” of organic lifestyle…and I mean that in a good way!”
Stew Oleson, Host; Outdoor Living Network (OLN)

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