The Next Step

stepWhat do you want this New Year? We often have ideas of what we want or who we want to “be” without formulating a plan for success. We lie dormant in the background of our own lives waiting for external circumstances to determine our fate. Our motives for change get bogged down by other people’s plans, schedule conflicts, lack of motivation, money issues or plain ‘ole laziness.

I want to encourage you today to pick up your foot, bend your knee and take a step. Repeat.
We envision our lives as being better or different if only this or that would happen. If only you got a raise. If only your partner would be more attentive. If only there were more hours in the day. If only you had supportive parents. If only, if only, if only.

The “if only” attitude is a victim mentality that puts all the energy of creating the life you desire into the hands of someone or something else’s control and hinders you from moving forward. There is a different way to live your life. I call it Doing Your P.A.R.T.Positive Action in Right Time. Simply put, you spend your time doing what you know is right for you to do right now. “Now” is the timeframe you are working with, always. By doing your P.A.R.T., you will not be focused on what or who keeps you immobilized, or fixated on the past. You become an example of right action by using your time in positive ways thereby inspiring those around you to do their P.A.R.T. You weren’t created to be a martyr, but to design a most beautiful journey that is called your life.

Just one tiny step is the next step. With that, you are acting in faith that the destiny you dream of will come to pass and you believe it so intently that you spend your time in positive action, doing your P.A.R.T. to achieve success.

You can get there. You can change your life. Know that with each step you take, you walk toward a celebration of newness while walking one step away from that which does not serve you. Your next step is always the most important one of your life – just take it.

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