21 Day Course; Fear to Freedom on Daily Om! | LEAH GUY

If you are suffering with anxiety, fear, restlessness, feeling stuck or other emotional distress, I invite you to this 21 day course from Fear to Freedom on the Daily Om. Filled with practical exercises, videos and audio meditations, you’ll receive a daily email for 21 days to help you transform fear and upset to freedom and peace.

I wrote the course because I see that many people who are stuck in their negative emotions have a habit pattern of false thinking and unprocessed emotions. This course is made to help you get connected to yourself in a way that is not terrifying, but liberating.

Pay what you like between $10 – $40. This is a great form of self-care perfect for the start of the new year, (or to start the year new)! You can also purchase for a friend. Let’s get on the Fearless Path together :-). Let me know how I can help.

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