3 Simple Self-Care Rituals for the Winter Solstice | LEAH GUY

The Winter Solstice has been celebrated by people around the world since the beginning of religions and healing rituals. It’s a time for personal retreat, to work on your life “behind the scenes.” This is a time for reflection, making plans and setting personal goals. Think of it as inner growth, so taking time for meditation, prayer and soul-work will provide the comfort, insight and support that you may need is the best medicine right now. Don’t rush to accomplish much now, allow yourself the time to restore, realign and prepared.

In addition to the 3 Simple Self-Care rituals below, I encourage you to spend some time by yourself organizing your life and priorities. You may even want to de-clutter your space to make room for the new energies of the coming year. Rest, reevaluate, and re-align your priorities to match your values at this stage in your life. As you do, you can release old behaviors or patterns that no longer serve you.

    1. Cleanse Your Space: Using Sage bundles or other sacred herbs & sprays, perform a simple cleansing ritual to remove negative, old and stale energies from your personal space. This is lovely to do as the sun is rising on the Solstice or as the night sets in. Light a candle, ask for your blessing and go around your home, office, closets and even your body with the smoke or spray to rid yourself of the old. Use intention, Thank your Higher Power, and say a prayer for protection and new beginnings. If you don’t know how to smudge/cleanse your space, watch this quick video. I have some supplies on the website such as sage bundles and sprays if you need, or go to your local health food store.
    2. Create a Blessing Jar:  Upon rising, ask your Higher Power for a blessing. Over the course of the day write one blessing or gratitude that you noticed on a small piece of paper and put in the jar. You can continue this every day as a mindfulness practice. Save them and review at the Spring Equinox.
    3. Fire Ritual: On a blank piece of paper, make a list of 3 qualities you’d like to eliminate from your personal life. This could be old habits or behaviors such as lying, jealously, addiction, being a victim, greed, self-sabotage. Beside the list of qualities, write out an example of when that trait or behavior undermined your happiness. At the bottom of the list, ask your Higher Power to help you re-learn how to respond differently, and commit to healing. To safely perform the fire ceremony, make sure you have a fire-pit, sink or a large bowl of water ready. Fold the paper long-ways and lite the tip. Hold it until the heat begins to burn the paper. Imagine the flame and smoke transmuting the energy of the words and behaviors written. Safely place the burning paper into the fire pit (ideally) or toss in a bowl of water to extinguish. If you don’t have access to either, shred the paper with scissors, your hands or electric shredder. Trust the Universe that it has heard your prayer. This is a day to leave what is not necessary with you behind, the future will have plenty to offer.

Happy Winter Solstice, friends! Self-care is the only care, no one else can do that for you!

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