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The use of mantras began as an ancient Hindu practice over 3,000 years ago. The simplest is one you may be familiar with: Om. Mantras can become more complex from there, encompassing syllables, words, prayers, and melodies.

Today, mantras are used as part of many religious practices. A mantra can be an affirmation, or even an aspirational idea. Mantras can be part of your daily meditation and can also help when we’re dealing with difficult situations or stress.

Mantras can also be used as part of a self-care practice. You may like to take a hot bath with essential oils, or enjoy a favorite cup of tea. Next time you settle in for a good self-care session, try adding one of these mantras to your routine.

1. Life is precious. I am precious.

graphic with type life is precious, i am precious

2. My soul is free.

My soul is free
3. I am lovable. I am enough.

i am loveable i am enough
4. I am light. I am free.

i am light i am free
5. I choose love.
i choose love

Repeat the mantra it a fixed number of times before you begin or end your self-care routine. Or you can include it in your meditation practice. Here are some more tips on using a mantra:

I share different mantras each Monday on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow me there for a new one each week, and let me know how you like to use them!

xo Leah

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