7 Day Distraction Detox | LEAH GUY

Distractions. Our lives are full of ’em. Cell phones, social media, work, TV, family members, dinner dates, shopping…need I go on? We keep ourselves occupied on everything external. Why? If there are no distractions, all we have is ourselves. Whoa – now that can be scary!

Some distractions are healthy at times, and provide a needed break from stress. But distractions can also become addictions, blocks from our spirit or, well, distractions from attending to our deeper needs. My soul is craving attention & rest. My mind wants to reach for something outside myself. Sound familiar?

My own worst distraction is my cell phone. I had to take my phone to the store for a repair issue and the kind serviceman took it to the back office for an expert opinion. I was sitting there panicking: What if my phone doesn’t return to me? What if I didn’t have a phone? My heart started racing and immediately. I looked for relief – I’d just buy another one! But what about my contacts? My calendar. Oh Lord, I haven’t backed it up in months! That thing has been so faithful, so there for me, and such a distraction, I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Time to ourselves is healthy. Meditation brings centeredness. Prayer offers peace and even reduces blood pressure. Walking in nature is relaxing. A long bath in total silence can restore our spirit. But my question: Why aren’t we all doing these things everyday?

My challenge: A 7 Day Distraction Detox. Wanna join me?

Let’s start each day this week with a new, healthy habit. When you open your eyes, don’t move. Don’t pick up your phone, don’t start making a mental list of the tasks you need to accomplish. Just lay there. For ten minutes.

This might be hard. Let it be. If you want, use your breath to help keep you in bed, by practicing some single-nostril breathing.

The morning is a precious time. Your body has rejuvenated and, if you can catch yourself before your mind starts working, there is a connection to spirit in this moment. Stay with that. Notice how good the bed feels. Follow your breath. Think of all you have to be grateful for.

And most importantly, listen to yourself. What do you need today? Aside from the phone, the schedule, the groceries, the lists…what do you, as a human, need? Allow this time to restore you. To honor you.

Taking this time to myself has helped me start each day with a feeling of peace and centeredness. I hope you have similar results!

xo Leah


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