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Leaving for the West Coast tour tomorrow, driving the van from NYC to LA and back on a mission to inspire, connect and share. Truth is, I’m doing this trip just as much for me as for the people and my work.

The past year was filled with transition and turmoil and my body, my mind and my energy are fatigued. But my soul is still on fire. I have a burning desire to get out in the world and help people, and in that I know I will be helped. My soul wants me to rejuvenate and realign so I can continue on my path and one way I can do that is to serve, practice compassion, patience and grace. With myself and others.

Although it feels like retreating into a private cocoon may be the best prescriptive for our weary selves, sometimes we need to broaden our horizons and expand, even when we feel tired. Freeing up mental cobwebs, being in new energy fields, seeing new sights. It’s like medicine for the spirit. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to find local health food stores. I always feel at home there, yet I can be anywhere. This simple kind of connection reminds me who I am, no matter where I go or what is happening in the world around me. You may find that with art, music, or food.

As I drive the Modern Sage van from here to there, my goal is to smile often. To breathe deep. To go slow and easy (when I want to go fast and get there!!) and to inspire any person who needs it – whether it’s for business goals, emotional healing, life encouragement or re-igniting passion for life. That’s why I’m putting gas in the van. A conversation about sage, chakras and “Fear Less” t-shirts may not change a person’s life, but it may open the door to the conversation that can.

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