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Chakras are becoming the big buzz word in the healing community. While I’m glad more people are getting on-board with energy medicine, I fear the day soon-to-come that includes watered-down information about the chakras to make it more mainstream. It’s already happening.

Chakras are energy vortexes that surround your body. You may be familiar with the 7 main chakras you see in the yoga pics or at your healing center. Many healers like myself with focus on the main 8 to help restore and balance, but note there are upwards of 112 chakras around your body. Each chakra represents and governs various issues with your mental, emotional and physical bodies.

The root chakra is based at the root of your spine and governs our immune systems, spine, legs, feet, feelings of safety and belonging, stability and overall grounded energy. If you feel flighty, lost, fearful, unstable, anxious or out of sorts, this may be the focus point for you. For all of us, having a rooted feeling of safety and a strong foundation is key to feeling balanced. Start with physical health. Balanced meals, balanced blood sugar, supportive shoes, enough time with nature, connect with people and energies that feel safe, make a sacred and comfortable living place. All of these attributes will help you feel more grounded.

If you need extra support with the root and want to try meditation, I have a free root chakra meditation here.

The chakras go up from there, to the crown chakra at the crown of our heads. We’ll be exploring all of the chakras in my upcoming webinar, which I hope you’ll consider.

Energy is real, it is nearly tangible, and it has an affect on our physical (more dense) bodies and our emotions, and vice versa. Being holistically minded, and connected beings, we can’t have unhealthy bodies and healthy chakras. It generally doesn’t work that way for the long-term. Meaning, if you have strain, stress, unhealthy habits, it will soon enough present in your chakras. If you are around negative energies, toxic relationships, unhealthy environments, that will affect your chakras and also begin to affect your body/mind/emotions. They all play off of each other.

If you are interested in assisting, clearing or doing self-care for your energy body to help your overall health and stability, it’s a good idea to see a spiritual healer like myself who can address all issues of what’s at play, not just your energy body. While it can be relaxing and restorative to receive energy and get yourself aligned, if you don’t work with the on-going issues, emotional patterns, eating habits, etc., then the chakras will simply respond and go right back to the imbalance we might find.

If you want more information on what you can do to heal and really move into a place of alignment, I am hosting a webinar mid-June which you can sign-up for soon. Make sure you’re on my email list and you’ll get the notification. Otherwise, my book The Fearless Path and my online course Breaking Through Fear and Anxiety are helpful to walk you through the energy system and corresponding issues that you may be facing.

Let me know how I can help!

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