Clearing the Path When You’re Feeling Stuck | LEAH GUY


Now that it’s getting cooler, I’m spending more time in my favorite place: the tub.  Finishing a bath recently I watched the water drain and started thinking about drains in general. Sink drains, tub drains, life drains and emotional drains.

We seek happiness, love, positive movement and a continuous gentle flow. It’s easy to forget that one negative factor can cause your entire life to become more difficult. We think that small negative ‘things’ don’t affect the whole. Sometimes we try to compartmentalize a stressor and believe that it’s not wreaking havoc on our other affairs.

But, think of the drain. What happens in the kitchen sink when a small bean clogs one of the drain holes? The water still goes down, but at a slower pace. Think of that drain with several food particles from the dinner plate, covering many holes. A much slower drain. Even tiny hairs in a bathroom sink can quickly cause a complete clog. Now imagine that those food particles or hair strands represent negative stressors in your life.

No matter what is clogging your drain, be it small or large, your life is being held back from the free flowing, positive movement it is trying to make.

As we begin the autumn season, set intentions and take time to clear some of the blockages in your life. Clear your drains. Most often we have clogged areas from unprocessed emotions from the past.

Keep things flowing by accepting how you really feel. Don’t try to ignore your feelings or swallow them in shame. Let anger be anger. With attention to it and time to process, anger will dissolve on its own and move down the drain. Happiness will come, let it be and feel it, then it too will move along.

I hope your drains become open and free-flowing from here forward. Fall is a wonderful time to reflect, get cozy and prepare for a safe, comfortable nesting place for the winter.

xo Leah


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