Dealing with Sadness & Grief During the Holidays | LEAH GUY

The holidays trigger emotions, and the reality is for many people it is a time of sadness and grief. You may be alone or miss a loved one who has passed. Perhaps you have emotional stress around your family members or have difficult memories that arise. When you feel upset it’s even harder to get out and socialize or celebrate. Many people have learned to hide their true feelings.

The answer isn’t to “think positive” or sweep your feelings under the rug. The answer is to engage.

Engaging in your real feelings, no matter what they are, helps to open the heart so that the emotions can process and transform to different feelings, such as hope or gratitude. When we ignore or run from our feelings, we keep our hearts closed, which only amplifies the sadness or grief. Engaging your heart and listening to what it is saying requires going deep within.

Connect into the deeper part of who you are (your Soul) with a simple meditation. Close your eyes and allow whatever the emotion is to be present. Just sit with it for a minute or two. This will not make it worse, it will actually allow your mind, heart and body to connect. The mind tells us that ‘sadness’ doesn’t feel good, so it must not be ok and we should escape the sadness.The mind makes us believe a lot of untruths, but when we actively engage in our feelings and let them be present, the mind will settle down and then we can respond to life from our heart. Now you can act from a place of compassion for yourself and others instead of anger, insecurity or denial.

Step into emotional mindfulness. The more mindful you become about your emotions the more fluid they will be, enabling them to more easily transform and change when they are ready. From this place, it is easier to accept yourself and participate in life just as it is, and soon the light will shine through. Happy Holidays to you. Let me know if I can be of service in any way.

xo Leah

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