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The Fearless Woman

Is a private Facebook group led by Leah for the purposes of empowering, inspiring and helping other women. It will be a safe place you can ask questions, discuss and find encouragement through others about important but sometimes sensitive topics. Not everyone can afford a weekly therapist, but Leah wants to offer this as a subtle alternative so we can get the support we need.

Leah will moderate and open topics about everything from self-image and weight concerns, relationship issues, addictions, overcoming insecurities at work, mindfulness techniques, teachings about energy of the chakra system, natural remedies for your home, emotional and energetic clearing, eating disorders, healing from sexual assault, transforming negative habits and so much more. Find meaningful posts, excerpts, tips, motivations and videos to help shift your mind, body and spirit to live your best life.

Leah is a strong believer in equality and equanimity. This is not a feminist group yet it is purposefully designed to offer women a safe space to begin or continue their divine and feminine healing. As we come into our full essence, we have more love, compassion and grace to offer others in our lives and help lift them, both men and women. Diminished and afraid, we can do little.

Membership is a monthly fee of $6.
Posting rules will be outlined on the Facebook page.
Admin has the right to refuse any member for misconduct.
Self-removal is allowed at any point.
Note: This is not a feminist group or movement.
Tell your female friends!

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