FORUM: To Eat Meat or Not Eat Meat, That is the Question; Sun Feb 28th 3:00pm @ Merseles Studio | LEAH GUY

This special event will be an open door for the public to learn from and ask questions of four experts in their field regarding particular diet plans. Leah will be the moderator, and on the panel there will be a local farmer, Scott Rowe of Nature’s Own Farm, NJ, Ron Mirante of Bone-In Food Service, Michael Ferranti, a vegan Ayurvedic Practitioner and Kristin Reisenger, owner of Iron Plate and Registered Dietician. Leah will ask questions of the panel and the audience will have the opportunity for Q & A. This event is not intended to persuade or diagnose, it is for discussion, a wealth of information related to food, diet, nutrition, ecology and wellness.

Sunday Feb 28th; 3:00 pm
@ Merseles Studio
Jersey City NJ 07306

Please call 201-360-2318 for info or to reserve a seat.

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