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*Healing Session: $160

Leah is a transformative intuitive healer specializing in emotional healing and spiritual growth. Her work includes energy medicine, talk therapy, physical manipulation of the soft tissue as well as purification rituals. Use of sound, essential oils, herbs and stones are incorporated.

Latent emotional issues or negative mental or energetic patterns can impede your overall wellness and happiness. Leah uncovers and helps you identify what is at the core of your distress, be it grief, feeling stuck, unworthiness or fear. She works with you to realign with your highest purpose. Information that is present in your energy field is “downloaded” as she works on your auric layers and chakra centers by using hands-on healing. Often a story comes together that summarizes the healing that needs to transpire. She then acts as a channel or guide to begin the process, using her hands and manipulating energy patterns, as well as using healing crystals, sounds, aromatherapy, sage or other clearing and supportive tools. Her goal with each client is to help them feel safe, grounded, calm as they awaken to the truth that is within them. This work provides the foundation for shifts in thinking, emotional and energetic movement and longer term healing that continues well after the session is over.

For more information and to book a healing session with Leah, call 646-275-6224 or email leah@leahguy.com.

A few client testimonies:

“After my healing session with Leah, I immediately felt a calming change in me. Gradually, I started feeling much lighter, less stress and now I practice mindful awareness in my daily life. I am more connected spiritually than I ever have been before. Leah’s professionalism and expertise were a huge factor that made it a success.” ~Amanda K.

“Leah’s light is so bright, once you meet her you can’t help but know it….Once the healing was in flow my spirit, mind and body all engaged. I felt an almost liquidy feeling gently flushing through my whole person….my core felt as if it were being heated…it was such an amazing feeling. I knew that I was in v9ry good and blessed hands. All the while Leah’s presence and grace was astonishing. I left there that day changed. Lighter, more aware – engaged once again in my spiritual growth. I ran home and told many of my closes friends that is was something they definitely needed to experience.” ~Gina A.

“Thank you for the wonderful healing experience. Your down to earth approach made my first time experience in a healing session warm and rewarding. Since our session I’ve been finding more and more clarity in the areas of my life that we discussed. I will most certainly return to work with you.” ~Ryan A.

Leah began her healing practice at the School for Enlightenment and Healing in San Diego, CA in 1995 studying meditation, hands-on healing and transpersonal understanding of the human energy field and system. She continued her studies at Alive & Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork in San Anselmo, CA earning a certificate of massage therapy in 1996. Her continued studies include Bastyr University and private training with Naturopaths and healers in California and Kentucky. She started her private practice in Louisville KY in 1996 while also managing a health food store and went on to become an on-camera expert in holistic living. She has worked with thousands of private clients and continues to inspire and inform across all forms of media and speaking engagements.

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