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This holiday season, take the opportunity to gift mindfully and with love. Many people can be difficult to shop for if they have everything they need or are picky in their taste. But giving mindfully allows you to give from the heart and to their heart. If your friend is anxious or going through a difficult time, perhaps a pampering gift for their mind and spirit. Maybe a loved one is struggling to find their identity. Skip the sweater and go for something a bit more personal and meaningful.

Below are some of my top suggestions for gifts from Modern Sage that work to restore balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit. Even if your loved one doesn’t know what a chakra or where their aura is located, these products stand alone in quality and yummy smells that are natural, healing and good for the soul. Plus, you can educate them along the way!

Stress Relief

Transcend body balm can be used anywhere on the body and is perfect to soothe a frantic mind. Rub a little into the temples or base of neck for quick relief of headaches and mental stress, or use on your cuticles, lips or elbows for extra moisturizing. The lavender and spearmint smell is divine!

lavender aura and linen spray with amethyst crystal

Lavender Aura Spray

Lavender Aura Mist is perfect to use directly on your face and skin, to spray your room for relaxation and to use on your linens! Infused with natural and pure lavender hydrosol and essential oils, this handmade spray has an amethyst crystal in every bottle!

Pair the Transcend balm and Lavender Aura Mist for a duo that is powerful and affordable! $25.00 set, $10 each.

Heal the Heart

Everyone can use a little help keeping the heart energy open and love flowing especially during the holidays and the New Year.

oasis heart chakra body oil

Oasis Heart Chakra Body Oil

Oasis Rock & Roll Chakra balancing perfume oil helps to bring positive flowing energy into the heart. The natural essential oil blend will entice and indulge any user. Can be used frequently on the chakra and also as a daily perfume. Each bottle includes a genuine emerald gemstone to support the feel-good vibes of the heart chakra. $15

Clear and Cleanse

cleanse aromatherapy candle jar

Cleanse Aromatherapy Candle

For those who need a fresh start, or to simply keep their environment and person cleansed of bad energy, odors or negativity, you can’t go wrong with our Cleanse candle jar, a bundle of sage and our Clary Sage and Oatmeal handmade soap! This $33 package is well spent for a refreshing, energizing and positive promoting heart gift. To learn how to sage, watch our Smudging with Sage video!

xo Leah

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