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Seasonal Affective Disorder is real, and affects many of us during the winter months. Less sun light due to the shorter days and less outdoor time, combined with a more sedentary lifestyle and the pressure of a new year can combine to bring your serotonin levels down and make your overall mood bleak. There are some practical and natural therapies that can help lift the spirits and balance your energy during this time of year.

One of my favorite approaches to boosting SAD is using essential oils. To lighten, cheer and lift spirits, some of my favorite oils come from the citrus family like grapefruit, lemon and tangerine.

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In our Uplift Aura Spray there’s a combo of these with a touch of rosemary and other oils and it is like sun in a bottle!  

We know that vitamin D is a key player in nutrition, and is a mood and immune health booster. Many of us are deficient. Daily doses of vitamin D, 1000-5000 IU, are generally safe and effective for most people. It has done a world of good for my overall health. Make sure you choose a good quality supplement and check with your doctor for a test or for any restrictions.

And then there’s meditation. What isn’t meditation good for?! As a simple practice, meditation can be used to bring in the light, even if you don’t have a special SAD lamp or access to outdoors. Use the power of your mind! Close your eyes and focus on your breath. On your inhale, imagine breathing in a golden warm light. Allow the breath to travel into your tummy and down to your toes. As you exhale, the golden light relaxes your body and eases your mind. Use this meditation with citrus oils to enhance wellness and spirits. Try this short, easy guided meditation:


I hope these suggestions work for you. What have you tried for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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