Spiritual Life Coaching - LEAH GUY

Spiritual Life Coaching


Personal and intuitive life coaching and healing sessions to live your most authentic life. If you feel off-course, stuck or afraid, this is a sign you are operating from mental & emotional blocks, fears and old stories that need healing. Get insight & practical tools to make the next chapter of your life the best yet! Work through fears, blocks or emotional distress in a way that is aligned with your highest good.



One-on-one Spiritual Life Coaching session offers counsel and intuitive guidance to get your life aligned with your heart, your soul and highest good. Leah has worked with clients for over 20 years to help them discover underlying issues causing blocks, emotional disconnection, anxiety, weight issues, addiction, lack of performance, anger and other afflictions. Sessions are done over Skype in a private and confidential setting and/or at her office in downtown Jersey City, just two stops from NYC on the Path train.