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Spring Retreat

Spring Retreat with Leah Guy

Have you ever gone on a self-care retreat? I was in my late 30’s before I finally decided to treat myself. Sure I’d done healing weekends and trainings, group work and self-care vacations, but there is something different about the intention of a retreat. It’s letting your inner self know there is a special environment to just be. And relax, restore.

The retreat I’m leading in North Carolina will be a magical time. It begins on the first day of spring and is designed to reset your mind, restore your body and reinvigorate your spirit. It’s a rebirth of the soul, focused on mindfulness and energy medicine, fueled by love and geared toward releasing old negative patterns we hold in our lives. If you don’t know anything about chakras, it’s no big deal. You’ll learn and absorb what you need, and leave the rest.

I plan a bit of gentle movement to activate your body and energy. I guide visualizations and meditations to free yourself from the grips of fear. I offer intuitive messages that are personal to you, so you know you’re on the right path. At this retreat, I’m offering one-on-one private sessions for those who want to stay an extra day and completely recharge.

Leading retreats is one of my passions. The best part for me is watching the group come together with open hearts and share in a safe environment. It truly is magical and the “family” that we form can turn into lifelong friendships.

I hope you’ll consider joining us. It’s time and money well spent. Speaking of money, you can go for as low as $600 (that includes room, food and programs). Consider it!

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