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24 Hours to Peace

My new course 24 Hours to Peace is a catalyst to move you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Maybe it’s the first step or next step on your path.
In 3 simple steps, you’ll have the support you need to find peace starting right now.

If this is your first time here, Welcome!

It’s my goal to help people live their best lives. That means finding your purpose, overcoming fear, having peace, being healthy in mind and body, overcoming negative beliefs, processing emotions and living yourhappiest, most authentic, passionate life. Sign up above to get inspired to get clear direction and make changes so you can live your best life now.

It’s easy to lose sight of your purpose, your passion and your sense of self. If that’s you right now, you are in the right place. I want to help you get out of the rut and navigate you towards happiness, freedom and truly joyful living. You deserve it.

24 Hours to Peace

My new course 24 Hours to Peace is a catalyst to move you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Maybe it’s the first step or next step on your path.
In 3 simple steps, you’ll have the support you need to find peace starting right now.

If you’re feeling frazzled, lost, anxious, angry or just lost your zest for life, this simple but ground-breaking course will get you back on your feet, re-centered and connected to your best self. If you’ve just experienced loss, or have difficulty in relationships, use this course to set you on the path to peace.

This course is delivered in 3 simple steps over 24 hours, and guides you through my 3 basic practices to eliminate stress and find peace now.

  • Get Grounded.
  • Be Authentic.
  • Take Action.

I’m a billboard for the phoenix rising metaphor-I’ve been broken and crippled by anxiety, eating disorders, rape, insecurities, addictions, business failures, broken relationships, codependency…and by using these very practices from my course and book, The Fearless Path, I have risen up strong, healthy, successful and most importantly, with a deep sense of peace. It is a process, but we can evolve and grow.

Here’s what people are saying about working with my courses:

"Leah Guy is a miracle worker and her positive energy is contagious. I call her my spiritual angel nurse. Leah is very intelligent and real, she honestly can work magic in just one healing session. People spend thousands of dollars for years of therapy, pretty sure she can help with just one session that will make you want to come back for more. She is the best and my time with her is life changing. Do yourself a favor!"


"Thank you Leah! It’s been a thoughtful course and journey. I’m almost through. I’ve been wrestling with an issue for many months and the meditation has given me peace through specific direction and guidance. I will use this again and again. It really does remove fear, in still quiet confidence and peace."

DailyOM user, -Karen

"Thank you so much Leah, this course has been superb. I have finally got to the end, having chosen to take more time than just the 21 days, as some lessons are so profound, I needed more time to contemplate them. I am at a very sticky time in my life so this course arrived at exactly the right moment. I have done many, many courses and this is by far the best one I have done for years. Thank you from my heart. Namaste xx"

DailyOM Breaking Through Fear Course user, -Emma

"This is a good course. I feel Leah knows me. Grief ...who knew how much it affects us and the heart chakra. I am so done with living in fear. My mum used to say I was afraid of the day I had never seen yet, so thank you Leah. I truly believe when the student is ready the teacher will appear and it’s so very true xxx"


"Thank you, Leah, this is insightful & hands on, I'm becoming more aware of my fears & anxieties ...... started working on my Root Chakra ...... Namaste"


"After working with Leah, I immediately felt a calming change in me.Gradually, I started feeling much lighter, less stress and I now practice mindful awareness in my daily life. I am more connected spiritually than I ever have been before. Her professionalism and expertise were a huge factor that made it a success. Thank you!"


24 Hours to Peace

Stop beating yourself up and make a decision that is for you, not against you. You can shift your life. Retrain your mind, build confidence, regain energy and live a life that feels manageable. You might even find it enjoyable.

The three simple steps in my course 24 Hours to Peace that will help you discover peace now and reclaim that sense of calm and peace you desire, and fast.

With the 3-Step program, you will learn to become present, live your authentic truth and take action steps that will alleviate internal angst. Within 24 hours you will feel empowered, reconnected and stable. Plus, the course is easy to digest and apply.

If you’re currently struggling with fear and anxiety, I suggest you start with my course called Breaking Through Fear and Anxiety on DailyOM.

Reach out if you need help and I’ll guide you through your self-care journey as best as I can. There is no need to live with chronic anxiety, stress, fear, resentments, shame or regret. Often these negative emotionsare covering deeper issues that may be calling for your attention.

Peace to you, my friend. Don’t ever lose hope, seek the light.

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