The Energy of YES! and How it Can Change Your Life | LEAH GUY

Has this ever happened to you? You’re presented with a potentially amazing opportunity: being part of a creative project, a thrilling new relationship, or a job overseas. It’s something you’ve dreamed of. But you hesitate. And perhaps you say no.

When an opportunity invites you outside of your box, the only thing stopping you from saying “Yes!” is fear. There’s a strong power and energy of “Yes!” But many people fear that energy because of the possibilities that “Yes!” may bring: a change in our lives, true happiness  or that we put our history and stories/excuses/blame aside.

I want you to learn how to feel your way to decisions instead of following the fear in your mind. I want you to feel “Yes!”

Think of the last time you had an opportunity to say yes to something you were excited about.  When it was a “Yes!” filled with excitement and joy. That “Yes!” holds the energy of healing, happiness and growth.

There’s a big difference between the way “Yes!” and “No” feel. Bring your awareness into the mid-region of your body, between the collar and pubic bones.  Imagine being asked an important question and answering with a strong “Yes!”. Now imagine responding with an equally strong “No.” Can you feel the difference in your body, in your energy and emotion? An honest “Yes” feels great. A true and resounding Yes feels like movement forward. You might even feel a tug in your heart or gut. “No” feels like withdrawal or putting on the brakes. “No” is usually felt in our minds not our emotions, because “No” doesn’t flow from our hearts. “No” is protective and guarded.

When we live in fear and insecurity, we get in a habit of using “No” as the default to life. Other versions of No are “Maybe”, “I don’t know” or “I don’t care.” It’s a way to disengage.

You don’t have to say “Yes!” to everything. “No” is a reasonable answer to something that isn’t right for you. But saying “No” usually doesn’t resolve personal issues such as time management, self-care or deeper intimacy in relationships. “No” is often used as an excuse to cover our fear. Start noticing when you put the brakes on unnecessarily and when you are open and available to life.

Quote reading: "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." Jack CanfieldNext time you have a decision or invitation, see if you can pause before you answer and feel what Yes! may inspire. Yes! may uplift your energy, motivate, bring joy, connectedness and a green-light toward positive movement. It’s the “Just do it” inspiration that we crave in our heart. Perhaps 2017 is the year of “Yes!” for you.

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