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There’s nothing I love more than helping people and inspiring them, and being inspired. It’s good joo-joo all the way around. I’ve been getting notices lately that my new book, The Fearless Path, has been delivered to those that ordered pre-sale online. What I love most are the messages that come along with their messages. One woman thanked me for telling my story of rape and eating disorders as she had a similar experience and was too afraid to talk. Another gentleman said he related to the stories in Chapter 5 and was eager to start doing the Emotional Workouts. Several people have sent notes of gratitude for simply being a voice for so many that are in pain. Stories matter and will always touch someone’s heart. We all have trauma and pain, and my biggest hope is for this book to be a catalyst of new thought and practices that help people, like me, live on a true path of healing so peace and happiness can exist. When you share your stories with me, I am equally as inspired in your strength, your honesty and your courage. May we all be fearless!

Here’s a bit about the book in video.

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