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Talk about fear. I recently set out on the first Modern Sage Mobile trip to West Palm Beach Fl in the 2002 Freighliner van I bought and converted to a healing boutique. I’d never driven that thing over 45 minutes in a stretch and here I was going 1200 miles alone. And, it was -3 degrees overnights and the van wasn’t even starting. I kept asking myself, “What am I doing? Why am I doing it?” and the answer was always the same. I have a mission in my heart to educate and inspire people to get in touch with their soul, with their emotions and to heal. And I cooked up this idea to go to Florida as the first trip because of 1) It was”warm” and 2) My parents winter there so at least if all else failed, I’d get a quick family visit.

I had a TV appearance in West Palm Beach on Monday Morning. I loaded up all of my product and bags and left as soon as the van unfroze and would start on the Saturday before. It was going to be a close call. I drove to VA on Saturday. It was as far as I could get – I was very tired from the prep week before and nerves I’m sure took their toll. The van was smelly, it is large and I was in 3 layers of clothes to stay warm. This vehicle isn’t a luxury car, it’s a utility truck and you hear the noise and feel the air even with the windows up and radio on.

I got stuck in VA on Sunday morning. They had unheard of temps overnight at -5 degrees. The van wouldn’t start. I waited and waited. As soon as it got to be 15 degrees, a little after noon, the van started and I cruised down to Florida. Arrived late, but safe. Tired but successful.

The week went great. I was on two TV shows and hosted 3 workshops about overcoming fear, chakra healing and opening your heart. I met amazing people and worked with about a dozen people one-on-one. I also opened two new accounts with beautiful healing stores that now carry Modern Sage products. Overall, it was worth the trip.

Living passionately and authentically isn’t always easy. The road is sometimes filled with challenges and bumps and hurdles. I keep harping on this idea that moving forward isn’t always a simple flow, because many people want you to believe it is. It isn’t. If it were all so easy, we’d have little growth, little perspective and we’d keep doing the same things the same ways. That is not only boring, but unfulfilling.

Follow me on Instagram @Leahthemodernsage or Facebook to see where the van will be next. I’m on a mission and I hope to see you on the path.

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