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Learning how to apply and use energy medicine in your life is an art. I’ve been doing some form of healing for many years, and I’m still either learning or recalling tools and ways to apply them! Don’t loose heart. As you begin, or re-enter your journey to healing, trust that what you need to know will show up, and you will be lead to the right teachers.

Energy is everything. And everything is energy. Every thought, feeling, being, environment, and space has a certain energy to it. So when you’re seeking the use of energy medicine to help you heal, know that the more you raise and align your energy field to a healthier vibration, you will begin to experience shifts in all areas of your life. Think of it as a ripple affect, like a healthy weigh-loss. When you set intention to loose weight, when the weight starts to melt away, you will probably also experience a few other by-products. Maybe you have a better mood or self-confidence. Maybe your skin begins to glow. Perhaps your have healthy hair growth where before it was shedding. There are many benefits to being a healthy weight. The same is true for having healthy energy in your body, around your body and the state of your presence.

I don’t like to necessarily think of vibrations as numbers, but for the sake of our linear brains let’s think of it this way: Low, dense, toxic, draining energy is a 1.Higher vibration, light, beaming, healthy and life-affirming energy is a 10. Where would you gauge yourself overall right now? This isn’t an exercise to judge yourself negatively, it’s a simple check-in point.

Now, if we could elevate your energy field a point or two (maybe more!) wouldn’t that feel wonderful? So how is it possible?

Going to energy healers is great – many people are seeking out Reiki masters and the like. I love energy healing and I use it in my own practice. But in my opinion, and having worked with hundreds of clients, I don’t believe just working with the energy field alone is enough. We have to work more holistically and integrate the mind, body and spirit. I know it sounds cliche, but truly it’s the only way to experience true and lasting energy shifts and transformation in our lives.

So what does that mean? Holistic healing involves emotional processing, working with our thought and mental patterns (as well as subconscious), attending to the optimal health of our physical bodies as well as using energy to support and balance all of the aforementioned. Energy is subtle, yet very powerful. But unless with have the other components activated and aware, the energy field will only stay realigned for a short time. Meaning, if you struggle with insecurities and self-image, you may feel a temporary shift of relaxation and empowerment after going to an energy healing and working on your solar plexus chakra and perhaps other energy zones. However, if you have a terrible diet, mindlessly eat or interact with your spouse or job with a victim mentality or energy, or other negative patterns, within a few days of your normal operation systems, your energy is going to revert back to your normal pattern. It doesn’t mean the Reiki or whatever was a waste, but there’s so much more you can get from energy medicine.

When I see clients, most always we do a good amount of talking, crying, laughing or whatever is coming up. I want it to come up in the mind and come up in the emotions, so we can work through it on the table. When we activate and allow the energy patterns to be present, then we can enhance, manipulate, and move energy in such a way to support the overall health. And it works. But it works because we’re engaging all of the elements of your holistic being.

I encourage you to try applying energy medicine in your life. I have several courses and meditations online (DailyOM, InsightTimer and my site) where you can begin to deepen your journey. Or I’m here for Skype sessions and in-person as well. Or if you have a healer or seek someone out, make sure they are integrating all elements of what’s going on in your life, and can help lead you in how to apply tools to work with your chakras, your emotions, your blocks and overactive areas of stress.

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