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Connecticut Style TV; Mindfulness, Stress & Not Letting Go

How to Burn Sage aka Smudging Learn the ancient ritual of Smudging, or space and energy purification.

West Palm Beach NBC – Mindfulness in Motion & The Fearless Path

Healing from Rape and Sexual Assault

How I Start Each Day

Suicide Epidemic; Changing the Stigma of Mental & Emotional Health

Anti-Anxiety Breathing Exercise

Himalayan Salt Lamps; What Are They?

Emotional Freedom Technique, or Tapping, and how it can help with anxiety.

How to De-stress with Lavender & Essential Oils

Ten Minute Grounding Meditation

How to Play a Crystal Singing Bowl

Grounding Meditation

Gary Wright on Dream Weaver: Music, Meditation & My Friendship with George Harrison

Modern Sage: Massage

Modern Sage: Natural Skincare

Modern Sage: Laser Dentistry

Modern Sage: Reflexology

3 Min Meditation to Calm the Mind

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