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It’s not every day that we get amazing opportunities. So, sometimes we have to create them. To do that, it may mean we need to close a chapter in our life so that we can grow and put our energy into the next phase. When I decided to close Modern Sage, many people thought that it was because “time’s were tough” or things weren’t working out. The truth is, things are just fine but I want to expand. Closing the store will help me focus on growing the brand, speaking, writing and taking new risks that, hopefully, will allow me to make more impact in the world, which is good for all of us.

If you’re feeling stuck, it’s likely that you are stuck. What can you do to shift some energy, clear your mind and create new opportunities? It doesn’t have to be as big as closing an entire retail store, (but it might be!) it could be something small, like picking new wardrobe or calling an old acquaintance.

I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone this week. Start a new habit, put finishing touches on something that needs your attention or re-design your entire work flow. With each step we walk toward our true self. Like exercise, the movements might be uncomfortable or make us winded, but after you do it, your spirit feels alive!

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