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You are a divine being with unlimited potential.

Let Your Journey be Illuminated.

When we are out of alignment with our higher self, we are chasing… relationships, money, validation, or happiness.

The mindful, spiritual path is an active journey inviting us into expansion, trust, confidence and surrender. It is here where we meet our higher selves, and that of others. You can free yourself from old patterns, excuses, fears, and painful emotional addictions. You can learn from past traumas. You can heal the ghosts of your past.

All you need is an intention, a strategy, and supportive guidance.

Leah’s Offerings

Leah is not just an author, writer, and speaker, but a guiding light in your journey towards self-discovery and spiritual awakening. With her unique approach, she encourages you to embrace your darkness in order to find your true purpose in life.

Together, let us illuminate the path towards healing and living a more enlightened existence.

Online COurses

Leah offers a variety of online courses to aid others in Breaking Through Fear and Anxiety, Regaining Trust, Overcome Toxic Emotions, and more!

Personal Healing Services

Coaching and intuitive sessions that honor the sacredness of your soul path.

Spiritual Care Products

Spiritual Care Products to Help Align Your Mind, Body, & Soul.

Retreats & EVents

Experiences that illuminate the path towards healing and living a more enlightened existence.


Leah offers transformative, insightful experiences that open the mind, touch the heart and awaken the spirit. 

Leah’s Artwork

As a healing artist, Leah focuses on bringing energy into the work as a way of expressing beauty and truth.

Wisdom from the MOdern Sage

Leah’s Books

The Fearless Path

A radical awakening to emotional healing and inner peace. Discover 7 main energy and emotional blockages with tools to free yourself!

Overcoming Toxic Emotions

A practical guide to building better relationships with yourself and others. Leah’s 3-step method helps you shift old patterns now.

Spiritual Journal for Women

Mindfulness meditations, mantras, uplifting quotes and self-reflection help you step into gratitude, acceptance, and love your life. 

Want signed copies of Leah’s books?

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Listen to Leah’s Podcast

The Modern Sage Podcast

The Modern Sage Podcast offers no-nonsense wisdom and inspiration to find healing, health and happiness. The series features experts, authors, healers, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and everyday heroes. Leah’s takes on healing – brought to you by those who know life’s struggles and sharing healing inspiration. 

The Modern Sage Podcast is a conversation about transformation while acknowledging our humanity so that we can continue to evolve to connect with our purpose, live from the heart and meet our higher selves. You can trust Leah to bring it to you straight. 

Take a listen, subscribe, and share with your loved ones. 

Inspire Your Audience

Leah offers transformative, insightful speaking experiences will open the mind, touch the heart and awaken the spirit.

It’s Not just a feel Good Experience…

It’s a call to Action.