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About  The Modern Sage

Leah is a three-time author in personal transformation, an intuitive healer, and inspirational speaker. She is a 20+ year member of SAG-AFTRA and a graduate of Heroic Public Speaking. She uses her personal history of overcoming anxiety, sexual assault, eating disorders and other traumas, along with more than two decades working with clients and groups, to help people make positive and lasting change in their lives.

Leah has appeared on top media outlets as an expert on the mind-body connection, energy medicine, emotional healing, and spiritual, mindful living as well as inspiring people how to live a life that they love.

She owns the Modern Sage product line, as well as A Girl Named Guy Productions. Leah has a BA from University of Louisville, a CMT from Alive & Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork and studied at The School of Enlightenment and Healing in California. She currently resides in the NYC metro area.

When she’s not working, you can find her in a down dog, or walking her dog.

Leah’s Experience

Like many of you, Leah has had her share of obstacles to overcome; addictions, rape, anxiety, eating disorders….

The work that she teaches has not only given her own life back but also helped her achieve some of her wildest dreams and soar.

Some of Her greatest accomplishments include:

Writing Three Books

Leah has written three books about personal transformation and healing.

Owning A Private Practice

Leah has maintained a private practice for 25 years and taught workshops and retreats for 15 of those years.

Her Media appearances

Leah has appeared on many shows and has interviewed some of her favorite celebrities on her podcast and former TV show. Just like she dreamed about as a child.

Creating a Cross-Country Healing Boutique

Leah converted a van into a healing boutique and crossed the country to inspire and support thousands of people.

Using her Experience to Help Others Heal

Leah has been a part of countless people’s lives on their healing and spiritual journey.

graduate of Heroic Public Speaking

Leah is a graduate of the Heroic Public Speaking which has helped her become a world-class speaker.

“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.”

-Sir Francis Bacon