The One Woman Show

The Light Night of the Soul

Premiere Date: June 20, 2o24

Jersey City Theater Center


Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Illuminator Leah Guy presents this intimate, autobiographical one-woman show, The Light Night of the Soul, a vulnerable and transformative piece on how to heal the ghosts of your past. Focused on the real-life experience of living in a 200-year-old haunted house and the simultaneous restoration of home and spirit, the fascinating journey takes you into the depths of some of life’s darkest moments, with an invitation to trust the power of self and Spirit and be led toward light, healing, and freedom.

Purchase Leah’s Latest Audio Book, On Weeden Street

On Weeden Street is a 3-hour audiobook detailing Leah’s experience of purchasing (and moving into) a haunted house on the day of Covid lockdown and the healing transformation that ensued. This riveting story shares her real-life experiences sourced from her journal entries over 2 years, as well as confirmations from mediums, “ghost busters” and previous owners. There are endless synchronicities, encounters, and a whole lot of magic along the way.

A Traveling Healing Experience

This is a touring show and suitable for all audiences. To inquire about bringing Leah’s one woman show to a stage near you, please fill out the form below.