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*Healing Session with Leah: $150




Leah is a multi-faceted intuitive healer. Her specialties include emotional healing and spiritual growth using bodywork, energy medicine and ancient practices to uncover latent issues or patterns that can impede your transformation in your current life situations, including happiness, health and peace. Leah uses intuition and chakra readings to guide her to the core issue of a particular situation. Through the analysis of this information and hands-on energy healing there is often a story that unfolds to summarize the healing that needs to transpire. She then acts as a channel or guide to begin the process; using her hands and manipulating energy patterns, as well as using healing crystals, sounds, aromatherapy, sage or other clearing and supportive tools. Her goal with each client is to help them feel safe, grounded, and connected back to their true self. This re-connection provides the foundation for shifts in thinking, emotional and energetic movement and longer term healing that continues well after the session is over.

We all have “ki” or “chi” flowing through our body that travels through our energy centers (known as Chakras) and our pathways (known as Meridians). When there are disruptions in this flow it will affect our mind, body and spirit. Energy healing helps to center you and bring you closer to your true state of being while teaching you that you can overcome obstacles or negative patterns that are in your way.

Leah began her healing practice at the School for Enlightenment and Healing in San Diego, CA in 1995 studying meditation, hands-on healing and understanding of the human energy field and mind-body connection. She continued her studies at Alive & Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork in San Anselmo, CA earning a certificate of massage therapy in 1996. Her continued studies include private work with naturopaths, shamans and healers across the country. She started her private practice in Louisville KY in 1996 while managing a health food store and then becoming an on-camera expert in holistic health, foods and supplements. She has worked with thousands of private clients and continues to inspire and inform across all forms of media, speaking engagements and at her healing center, Modern Sage.


All are welcome to our weekly Meditation Classes.




Wednesdays: 7:30p – 8:30p & Sundays: 11:00a-12:00p* Please call ahead for Sunday Classes.

COST: $10/class or $60/month

Meditation is a healing practice that has proven helpful to reduce stress, calm the mind and anxieties and often improves sleep. The deeper offering may result in rediscovering your true self, experiencing inner peace and compassion for yourself and others. Those that come to class often report feelings much better when they leave then when they arrived.

We offer a range of meditation in zen sitting style from use of mantras to guided visualizations, chakra healing meditations, Tibetan Singing Bowl, and mind-body techniques.

Please come prepared to sit. Wear comfortable clothes.


*Reiki: $85




Reiki offers healing by touch with the laying on of hands, or hands near the auric field, while sending healing Reiki energy. Life force energy that we all have within us brings us to peace when it is flowing properly and Reiki helps to achieve this balance with flowing energy and healing touch.

A Reiki session will allow you to relax your body and your mind to help you open up your senses so you can listen to the messages that your body is trying to communicate to you.  It will teach you to recognize that when one part of your life is off it effects other parts of your life as they are all connected.


FIRST 1 HOUR MASSAGE: $68 Regular Rates Swedish & Deep Tissue: 30 minutes: $45 45 minutes: $60 60 minutes: $85 75 minutes: $100 90 minutes: $125 Massage Specials: Package of 3 Massages: $240.00 Package of 5 Massages: $390.00 Gift Certificates Available!

Massage therapy is a key element to healthy living in this fast paced world. It is essential that we learn to listen to our bodies and heal from the noise and stress of our day to day activities, as well as increase circulation, lymph and help the body stay balanced. By taking the time to nurture your body, you are taking steps to prevent sickness, stress and unhappiness – it’s part of a holistic lifestyle. Modern Sage of Jersey City offers a variety of massages that will help ease whatever it is that you are facing in life. Some of the benefits from massage therapy are: calming anxiety and depression, easing physical pain, improving sleep patterns, boosting your immune system, reducing PMS, raising alertness, curbing headaches, an aid in cancer treatments and keeping your beauty youthful!

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