Heal with Leah


Leah offers transformative, insightful online courses will open the mind, touch the heart and awaken the spirit.

Regaining Trust

Investment – Insight Timer Member + Subscription

Regaining trust helps us be free from restricted feelings and pain and deepen our relationships. This 5-day course focuses on trusting self, others and the Divine. It is a powerful journey to help us shift our perspectives, open our hearts and heal.

Overcoming Toxic Emotions Course

Investment – $19-$55

This in-depth 21-day course will help you transform negative emotions, habits, and difficult relationship patterns with yourself and others. Delivered to your inbox daily, includes text, video, and meditation support.

Breaking Through Fear & ANxiety Course

Investment – $19-$55

This powerful course will help you break through stuck patterns causing fear and anxiety, as well as help you understand your energy system, physical and emotional symptoms and more.

From Self-Destruction to Reconstruction

Investment – $19-55

Using Leah’s three-step approach, you’ll work through negative, deconstructive patterns of self-sabotage, insecurity, fear, resentment, and shame, and you’ll rise into your higher calling of happiness, peace, and self-love. When you apply these three steps to your everyday life, you’ll have a guide to always coach you back to a healthy mindset, which will enable you to make and maintain positive changes. With some attention and self-love, you can shift those difficult patterns and hard-to-break habits. Before you know it, you will dismantle the system of self-sabotage and be on the path to reconstructing an empowering, healthy, and happy life.

Patreon Channel – Ongoing Learning Community

Investment – $10 per Month

Super my work by supporting my Patreon page. And also stay connected to your healing. You’ll have access to a private monthly online gathering where I will share energy updates, offer readings, lead meditation and more. I’d love to have you & thank you for supporting my work!