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Want to feel better?

Being happy, peaceful & in love with your life means living from your higher self, not bogged down by old patterns, excuses, fears or painful emotional blocks.

To live your best life you need intention, a strategy, and sometimes a guide.

I am here to guide you.

Restore positive energy. Create a healthy mindset. Re-write old programming. Realize your full potential. Find peace and love your life. 

Just like you, I’ve had my share of obstacles to overcome: rape, addictions, anxiety, eating disorders, and other traumas. I used the work that I teach to heal and sustain a healthy, happy life. And, for many years I’ve been helping people overcome adversities using these same practices. The tools I offer can transform your pain, shame, fear and anxiety into a life that is present, peaceful and whole. Life is a lot more fun when you’re free to live.Meet Leah 


Take a minute to look around and see how I can help. I am glad you are here!


Courses & more…

Self-care is the greatest gift we can give, not only to ourselves but to the world. These online courses & tools will help continue your personal development.

This course is one of the best I’ve ever taken online. Leah is grounded, really knowledgeable in all the areas and has given me so many ways to learn and practice.Thank you!


Leah’s book The Fearless Path in Chinese!  

The Courage to Be Fearless

Anxiety and fear can consume your mind and drain your energy. Whether it’s fear of abandonment, fear of failure, of going broke, of being loved, of not being loved or fear of the unknown, fear shows up in many ways. You may fear being alone or that you aren’t good enough. Fear keeps you stuck. Did you know that fear and anxiety are symptoms of unresolved emotional distress and that you can heal and become whole again? It’s true.