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Overcoming Toxic Emotions Intensive Workshop – Poland

October 27, 2024

We invite you to an amazing and transforming 6-hour online workshop entitled: “Overcoming Toxic Emotions” by Leah Guy – an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, inspiring speaker and author of many well-known books. Leah is an expert in meditation, mind-body connection, energy medicine, and emotional and spiritual healing.

During the class, Leah uses her personal victories over violence, addictions and anxiety, as well as over twenty years of experience in private practice where she helps people transform trauma and pain into peace and wholeness.

During the workshop you will learn how to replace existing toxic patterns with love, forgiveness, compassion and joy! You will learn to notice, understand and release negative emotions blocked in the body. Especially those that block us from action, happiness or expressing ourselves loudly. During the workshop, you will be able to look deep inside yourself, seeking knowledge about yourself on many different levels. Who are you, how do you communicate, what emotional wounds do you have, what walls do you put up in contact with others, can you set boundaries?

This extremely effective workshop will help you:

  • understand how toxic emotions prevent you from experiencing happiness,
  • heal from emotional and energetic wounds,
  • live a more exciting and fulfilling life.

With this course, you will:

  • Understand how toxic emotions have been impeding your happiness
  • Discover practical tools to identify your worth and find true forgiveness for self
  • Recognize your “Truth” vs. your “Story”
  • Learn how to change your emotional and energetic “imprint” from early wounds
  • Develop a practical meditation practice designed to tap into your core self to find safety and peace
  • Reignite your passion, creativity and intimate relationships

You will free yourself

You can free yourself from the grips, insecurities, self-loathing and guilt with practical self-love exercises, powerful meditations and deep insights offered in this course.  ONLINE COURSE

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