Why Am I so Anxious Cover Image

You guys know I’m no stranger to anxiety. At one point in my 20’s anxiety had such a grip on me I couldn’t drive with a panic attack, was drinking to sleep and in a heightened state most of the time. 

What I loved about my conversation with Dr. Marks (aside from also loving her authenticity and vibe!) was that her thorough practice of psychiatry is nicely blended with natural approaches to healing. She shares some of her anxious times and how she copes and I share mine. 

What I will say is the practices that I’ve used for the past 25 years, many of them discussed in her book and/or mine, have saved my life and changed my relationship to being awake. Breath work, acupuncture, yoga or movement, essential oils, mindfulness and meditation are hugely helpful. The real turning point for me was learning how to process emotions and how to integrate spirituality INTO my life, not just talk about it. 

 I encourage you to take a listen to this convo, and better yet, if you have some time on Sept 25, join me for my Live Workshop on InsightTimer; Emotional Addiction Recovery

If you experience anxiety and it feels out of control, please know that there are many resources and real change is possible. While certain amounts of anxiety are normal, we can lesson the suffering and re-pattern our minds, bodies and emotional imprints and feel more free. 

Hope it’s a great day!!