More and more I notice the difference between leading from the mind/ego and leading from the heart. It seems obvious that we’d want to lead with the heart, but the default for many of us is to do things because we “should” or that we “have to” – for our jobs, our families, our bank accounts of various other reasons. But when we really understand energy, we know that it’s just not a feeling we have when we lead from the heart, it’s a frequency. And when we have activated the heart frequency, not only do we open the energy to our hearts and move fear aside, we vibrate so much higher and attract and experience life in a whole new way.

I’m reminded of this when I record my podcast. When I first started the podcast, I knew I wanted to do it, and so I did it. And I did it in a way I knew how, which was an old way…meaning, I interviewed people, offered as much wisdom as possible about healing and spirituality, and it was great. But I have to be honest I was doing it only with partial love. I mean, I love to help and support people, so it checked that box. But personally, it was stale. I’ve done those kinds of shows so much over the years on tv and radio that it wasn’t jazzing me up. I was in a lower frequency state much of the production time.

Now? OH MY GOSH..I love it so much. I spend 3x the amount of time on these shows, I can’t wait to get them live on the podcast streams and YouTube and it feels like an effortless job filled with purpose, passion, and love. I don’t “need” to do the podcast, I WANT to do the podcast. Big difference.

The show’s focus has changed. I’m telling the story of me purchasing, moving into and reclaiming a haunted house and the deep transformation it sent me on in my own life. It’s about facing the darkness and healing the ghosts of your past. I hope you take a listen and join the convo!

If there’s something in your life that you’ve been muscling through, maybe you can get curious about how to shift your relationship to it, or reframe your purpose with it to see if you can come to it with more love and less angst. For those in the local NYC metro area, I’ll be leading a working soon that focuses on manifestation and the actual way we can live in accordance with our heart and souls.

Love to you all,