It’s that time of year – colds, flu and circulating viruses. We are all too familiar with the symptoms and side effects, as well as the risks, of these illnesses. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with what to do, as well as stay out of fear thinking. Viruses and bacteria are part of our existence, and while I know none of us want to be sick from them, the reality is we need to change our mindset so that we can support our bodies as much as possible to create a healthy system. We get sick, and we want bodies that can move through the sickness without it taking us down. 

I thought I’d share some of my “go-to’s” when it comes to health of body, mind and spirit. In fact, I caught a bug this weekend, seemed like the flu but was relatively short-lived, and I was thankful that my supplement cabinet was well-stocked! That keeps my mind from panicking, and at least for me, my spirit appreciates that fact that I use natural whenever possible, and rely on practitioners that know more than I do about remedies that actually work. When I use these protocols regularly, even when or if I get sick, my recovery time is less, and I feel good about what I’m doing for my body.

First off, during Covid I did up my vit d. I haven’t had a cold or flu in 5 years now before this one currently (and come to think of it, I began tapering the vit d recently, which I will now correct!). I take Vit d3 5000iu most every day. I am not suggesting you do the same, and I’m not a doctor, but I did increase it from 2k to 5k and I believe it has helped me through Covid and in general stay well. I try to get my face in the sun at least 15-20 min on days when it’s nice and clear, earlier or later in the day, but I fail to do the sun-bathing on cloudy days, although I do believe there’s a benefit!

Secondly, I keep a supply of various strengths Colloidal Silver on hand and take it most every day. Colloidal Silver is a natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and safe! My favorite brand is Natural Path Silver Wings because I trust their company and this is the kind of product I want to trust! After doing a good deal of research, I learned that there’s a big difference in quality of silver, and what you’re looking for primarily is the amber color, not clear. Silver Wings’ products, even their most mild version of 50 ppm is amber. That’s the one I dose either every day or every other day as preventative (or 125 ppm). And if I’m sick, or have a cold sore, or any kind of symptom, I go straight to their 500ppm and I will say, time and again, it has helped me recover quickly. Cold sores are gone in a day or two kind of thing. And this flue was 1 bad day but the next day I felt pretty darn good! They also make silver with olive leaf, or tea tree and aloe, and topicals for infections on the skin. I love this stuff. 

In the pantry I also keep herbal teas, honey, oil of oregano (essential oil and liquid supplement) on hand, and fresh ginger and garlic as well as some organic grass-fed bone broths. I have a daily regimen of supplements, about 5-6 including magnesium, quercetin, coq10, and vitamin c that I believe help keep me strong. 

I also want to say, especially for the health nuts amongst us, there is no shame in getting “sick” – it is a natural response that can be quite good for the body to cleanse and take a break. What we need to assure is that our body is not reacting to every invader in an alarming way that is keeping us “sick” too often. That can be a sign that the immune system is struggling, or working too hard to keep the invaders out that might otherwise just come and go. 

And to help the whole system, we need rest. I realize more and more how rest is a critical part of my health, and how I’ve resisted that over the years. Rest is good for the body, the mind and the spirit, so enjoy that before you are forced to rest in excess sickness!  

Be well and take care, friends!