I recently posted on social media an end of year challenge and it’s all about creating (or enhancing) a morning routine. Lots of people are talking about morning routines, for good reason! 

By committing to just 10-20 minutes or so each morning, you create time for self-care that not only signals to our inner selves that we matter, but other benefits come about such as increased productivity, more focus, sense of wellness, healthy habits, self-discipline and of course creating intentions and allowing time for emotional processing or mental clarity. That’s a lot of good from just a bit of effort! 

I started a morning routine several years ago and plan to expand on that with this challenge. Below you’ll find my simple morning routine, as well as some other suggestions. Change it up to suite your needs and wants, just make sure it is something you can do every day. Even that can make us feel accomplished.

My Routine:

1. Before opening my eyes I meditate for a minute or two, or offer a prayer of thanksgiving.

2. A 16 oz glass of room temp lemon water

3. An 8 oz glass of vitamin C water

4. 10 yoga sun salutations

5. 5-10 minute meditation (I use InsightTimer when I’m feeling like I need a guide.( Follow me there for weekly lives!)

I have to walk my puppy as one of my first things, but try to do it mindfully also.

I plan to add regular journaling into my routine as that is a helpful way to process thoughts and emotions from dreams the night before, or an overload of monkey-mind chatter. I like to use unfiltered journal writing such as The Morning Pages as suggested by Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way. It’s been around forever, and I read it probably 20 years ago but still a great resource!

You can add breath work, time in nature, listening to sacred music, tai chi, Qigong or any other mindful practice to your routine. Make is fun and meaningful just for you! 

 I hope you can join me on the challenge. If so, follow me on social @leahguylive to get updates and support, or follow my YouTube channel for more videos on how to create an altar, more suggestions and meditations!