What would it be like to see things, again, for the first time? As adults, it’s hard to find many things that we’ve never seen before unless you have a curious mind and spirit of exploration. We generally look at things and without much thought, formulate a judgment or feeling associated with the thing from our mental rolodex of past experiences. We take it for granted. What if it were possible to have fresh eyes and see the mundane as something magical?

For those of you who follow me on social media, you know I lost my dog about 7 weeks ago. After much grieving, I began considering getting another dog, but wasn’t sure I was ready. Last week, on a day off, I went to the shore to take a walk and came home with a puppy. This little girl captured my heart, if even just to foster her for the time-being, and we’ve become fast friends. 

During my time with her, I’m remembering the joy of seeing things for the first time. The most ordinary things to me are the most extraordinary things to her. Shoelaces, leaves, snow, a water fountain, cats, sticks and toys. This little girl is taking in life for the first time and it’s thrilling. I realize animals are different than humans in the way our brains function, but I have to admit I’ve become envious, and attempting to mimic, the enthusiasm of her discoveries. 

What if we could become so present that we actually noticed the glory of a leaf? What if we were able to quiet the pre-existing judgments and beliefs about how life works, how people behave, and allow ourselves to be open enough to witness each encounter with a sense of discovery, not pre-conceptions? 

As I drove home from the vet today with Cali, I chose different music and listened to it with ears that have brushed past songs in the past due to their tempo or even the station. I was seeing the sun set, after a long winter, and felt giddy with amazement of the beauty that it holds. I ate my potato/pepper soup slowly, trying to discern what all of the flavors were, and how each one was brighter on different parts of my tongue. 

I believe, with more faith, that it is possible to override our emotional and mental imprints, if we attune to the moment with precision. It’s easy to just go through the motions, but doing that creates just a monotonous flavor that often doesn’t inspire. I’m wondering, if you give yourself time to become more aware of the voices that try to predetermine your experience, and let them know you feel safe enough to form new experiences, that we can, in fact, become like little puppies – thrilled and amazed with the smallest of pleasures. The act of quieting can be challenging, but it liberates us to experience life with brand new awareness. 

The short of it is, puppy vision can lead to awakening. 

Be well, my friends. Be present.