Summertime is often a time when your whole body is saying “Pay attention to me!” That includes your skin. From protection to sweating, cleansing and brightening, the summer sun is here to help us.

People often ask me about the best skin-care products. I’ve always been passionate about self-care products, including for the face and body, and when I began having hormone-related skin-care issues I decided to take matters into my own hands!

Our skin changes, and sometimes drastically, depending on our diet, our age and stressors in our lives. When I entered my 40’s, I began to have severe rosacea on my cheeks, uneven tone, and the general bags under my eyes. I knew I had to make some changes both internally and externally, and the results were positive.

There are some wonderful products out there, including Modern Sage, and it’s also great to experiment on your own! It’s all about nurturing and finding balance, just as we do for our minds and emotions. I put together this info-chart for those who are interested, that includes a few of my other favorites I use from time-to-time. I like to keep things simple. Otherwise life gets overwhelming then we fail at our attempts and feel poorly about ourselves.

Many moons ago when I started working after college and entering the holistic health world I worked at a health-food store (several eventually) and through all of the roles I had at these places, my favorite was managing the HBA department. (health and beauty). It was here I began learning and testing all of the supplements, oils and beauty products on the market. So you can imagine my short list above has been distilled from 20+ years of trial and error.

This post is mainly about facial skin care, but I’d like to note for full-body skincare, one of my favorite tools is a dry brush. Getting a firm natural bristle dry brush and using it regularly, starting at the feet up to the shoulders (but not the face) can do wonders for your circulation, removal of dead skin, brightening and energizing the body.

Every body is different, so respect your own. Although I still love to experiment and try new things, the above has been my regimen now for years! Enjoy!