Sage held over shell

What exactly is Sage? Thinking about holiday food, we may first think of it as one of the many seasonings used to enhance the natural flavors of some of our favorite recipes.  But this herb isn’t just for cooking. Sage also has some powerful antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties and can be found in a bundle ready to be smudged. 

Let’s not smudge these important benefits

Smudging, another term for burning sage, involves burning the sage leaves while releasing smoke into the air.  The release of this smoke emanates lots of benefits such as:

·  Cleanses the air by warding off bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

·  Helps release negative energy from the air.

·  Repels insects outdoors.

·  Improves intuition and spiritual awareness.

·  Can purify specific objects such as antique items.

·  Reduces stress and anxiety and improves one’s mood.

·  It has been found useful to help aid lung, brain, and skin functions.

It’s all in the bundle

To really reap the benefits mentioned above it is important to note that finding good quality sage is an important first step, as well as sage that has been harvested ethically. It’s easy to grow your own, dry and bundle, or if that isn’t possible, buy from reputable sources.  You can click the link to my online store where you can find mindfully harvested and carefully crafted sage bundles to assist you in your new personal cleansing ritual. 

If the smoke is too intense for you, not to worry – I also carry an aromatic sage spray with some wonderful oil blends to reap some of the same effects. Calm your mind and clearing out unwanted negative energies from your space.

Sage Bundle

Sage Aura Spray

Let’s find out “How To Burn Sage”

You’ve received my sage bundle in the mail, now what?  There’s a ritual or technique in lighting this bundle and setting your intentions and smudging either your rooms, yourself, and your items.  This YouTube clip will walk you through the process. Caution – there may be parts of this segment where you won’t see me as clearly. No worries, it’s the sage doing its thing!

Still not comfortable striking that match or maybe stuck on how to set that intention?  I found many in this same scenario and this is why as one of my services I can personally come to your house and perform this sacred ritual alongside you if you are in the NJ/NY area.  Here is a link with more information.

Smudging Service Link

What’s so Modern about this Sage?

Many assume that it was my love for this aromatic herb that led me to the name of Modern Sage for my business.  Although I am a firm believer in its spiritual and medicinal properties, it really came down to the simplicity of the name.  Modern Sage was a magazine that went on the market many years ago and I was drawn to it. I knew one day I’d have a storefront for my healing work and it felt like the perfect name and intention, so I purchased the name.  So glad I did. My goal is to spread my knowledge of positivity, spirituality, mindful living, and emotional healing to others.  The double entendre of the word sage was the perfect fit indeed! 

Although my business name incorporates the words Modern and Sage into one phrase, Modern Sage, I do ask that if you are planning to give sage a smudge you respect its roots.  As smudging has become more and more popularized commercially let us be mindful of the ancient practice from which it originates.  Also, as I shared earlier be mindful to buy from a legally sourced distributor, one that is local, or from a Native American-owned business.

Whether you smudge or take in the aromatic air around the holidays or new year, let this serve as a reminder of my spiritual teachings, and the peace and restoration for the soul that my work embodies. Let this Modern Sager light the way with your presence in mind. Make no smudges about that!