Leah Graduating from Heroic Public Speaking.

I don’t know about you, but every year when spring rolls around I am more than ready! This year in particular.

I’m one of those people who can acclimate to most anything. Any environment, any situation, any conditions, I figure out a way to endure. It’s partly my personality, but it also comes from living in survival mode for many years, dealing with unprocessed trauma and fears. So I have to be especially aware of how I’m REALLY doing, because I know how to make any situation fine.

Just early this year did my body start to come back into alignment with my higher self. Through Covid I was working a lot – supporting others, creating groups, livestreams, social media and seeing clients as we all were thrown from our reality into a state of fear and sometimes, sickness. And now that that experience has thawed a bit, I feel myself coming home. More embodied, more alive.

Last year I committed to a graduate program for public speaking. I’ve been attending Heroic Public Speaking for the past 8 months and have recently graduated! While it was a lot of work (internal and external), the experience was more than I could imagine. It was true nourishment for my soul. To remind me who I am, my passion in speaking and teaching. The people in my cohort were fantastic – so supportive, encouraging and inspiring.

The entire experience was a major renewal and reminded me that we are never too old, too busy, or too inexperienced to say yes to what our hearts are calling us toward. And when we do that, it is like springtime for the Soul.

I want to remind you and be your advocate for doing what you need to renew your heart and mind. Whether that is recommitting to a long-lost dream, saying no to what is weighing you down, or saying yes to more daily self-care. You deserve it. Sometimes life is really tough, but I don’t believe we were brought to this world to only suffer. Suffer we do, but blossom we must.